F9 - LTSP5 and CUPS Printer Configuration

M Rathburn stretchem at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 01:32:40 UTC 2008

I've installed F10 and not seeing this issue.  Reinstalled F9, and CUPS
works immediately afterwards.  Did a 'yum update' to the system, and CUPS
stops working.  It's something in the updates after installing F9.

I'm off to the CUPS mailing list.  Will report back here if there's a

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> Subject: F9 - LTSP5 and CUPS Printer Configuration
> I've installed Fedora 9 basic install, followed by a 'yum 
> update' of the
> system, followed by a 'yum install ltsp-server'.   Pretty 
> straightforward
> installation following instructions in the Wiki.  LTSP 
> working spectacularly via PXE TC's.

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