F9 - LTSP5 and CUPS Printer Configuration

M Rathburn stretchem at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 02:26:06 UTC 2008

Hey Barry, it breaks no matter whether it's a local or a network printer.
CUPS is breaking at the point where you can't even begin to configure a
printer.  Has nothing to do with LTSP.  Something in the yum update of
Fedora 9 is breaking it.  Don't really have to the time or desire to try and
find out which of the 850 updates is the culprit. :)

So, I'm downloading Edubuntu now and we'll try that route.

K12Linux - Has LTSP4.2.  Need v5 for new TC's.
CentOS5.2 & LTSP5 - No sound (still working on this one).
F9 & LTSP5 - CUPS breaks on yum update. FL_teachertool not working yet.
F10 - VNC doesn't work.

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> Hi Mike,
> You didn't mention if this is a printer you have plugged into 
> a TC via a usb cable?

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