[K12OSN] PowerPC iMacs as LTSP thin clients

Warren Togami wtogami at redhat.com
Wed Dec 17 01:26:35 UTC 2008

Barry R Cisna wrote:
> Hi Warren,
> Just thought I would throw this out in regards to Imacs viability with
> K12LTSP. The model I got to work very easily was the Imac Indigo's.
> These are the dull cased, kiddy colored all in one case models. These
> have the slotload CD's in them is the easiest way i know to distuguish
> them. I got 24 of these to work fine,along with sound. Sound worked on
> Tuxtype.etc,as well. I never did try flash. This has been almost 4 years
> ago,and flash was dodgy at best even on PC's. I did NOT have to do any
> bios updating on any of them and they all had different version bios's
> on them just to verify this. The key on getting these to boot is
> learning the mac Openfirmware( I think) is what it is called, You can
> save the parameters,permantly as you like and they reboot every time
> with the parameters you feed it. I tried pretty hard to get Emacs,
> (which we had 20 of), to work and never had any luck with these. The
> Imac indigos do make very nice All in one machines that are very speedy.
> There are tons of these lying around in storage closets ,I'm sure.
> Here is a link to a 'how to' I done,on how to get sound working on the
> Imac Indigo All in One's;

No doubt it worked 4 years ago, but as I noted in the blog post there 
appears to be bugs in F-10 preventing netboot from working.


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