help me...! customizing the grub

John Ellson ellson at
Wed Dec 17 13:20:47 UTC 2008

magesh wrote:
> hi everybody
> iam magesh, (a final yr. engineering student from chennai)a Fedora
> Ambassador too.
> i am doing a project based on the LTSP
> so for that i need to customize my grub
> need to add pxe as well as gfxboot support to the grub
> so anyone help me....

I'm sure that there are lot of people willing to help you but, speaking 
for myself, I don't understand what kind of help you are asking for?

Are you asking, "I can't get ltsp as shipped to work for me",  or "it 
works for me but I'm trying to do something new" ?

Do you already have a working ltsp system from using the instructions at:

Why does grub care about how the BIOS got to it?



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