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John Ellson ellson at
Thu Dec 18 18:06:14 UTC 2008

magesh wrote:
> Thank you for your answers for the grub
> Now i have another question, how does the kernel actually detects the 
> hard disk or the usb drives(flash)
> i need to add this functionality to my customized kernel.....
> i googled it and got confused....
> so anybody explain me clearly how does the kernel identify the hard 
> disks or usb drives and automounts it immediately when identified
> Expalin the process clearly please
> is it the udev responsible for this or any other ? please let me know
> Thanyou
> magesh
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Googling for "linux boot process faq" produced this which looks like it 
might answer some of your questions.

Basically, the bios looks for a MBR on some device,  or netboot, 
according to your selected boot priorities.
The MBR starts grub, or lilo.
Or  the netboot (pxe bios extension, or whatever) gets an IP from DHCP 
and then starts a tftp transfer from a server identified by the DHCP server.

AFAIK udev doesn't get involved until after init, at which point it 
might identify additional disks or USB devices.


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