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Thu Dec 18 18:29:29 UTC 2008

so you mean that the basically the init identifies every scsi devices
(whether it be usb or hard disk)
Then can you tell me how does it automounts the found scsi devices( as in
fedora we can see the devices or partitions on the desktop, i mean it gets
So is it  the init is responsible for the automounting or it is the udev??


> Basically, the bios looks for a MBR on some device,  or netboot, according
> to your selected boot priorities.
> The MBR starts grub, or lilo.
> Or  the netboot (pxe bios extension, or whatever) gets an IP from DHCP and
> then starts a tftp transfer from a server identified by the DHCP server.
> AFAIK udev doesn't get involved until after init, at which point it might
> identify additional disks or USB devices.
> John
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