boot / network issues with new install FC9

Nadav Kavalerchik nadavkav at
Fri Jul 4 07:58:09 UTC 2008

i have installed your latest ltsp5 packages and i have issues :-(

1. i can not get the tftp to send the kernel to the terminal.
i follow your instructions on the k12ltsp page without any problems (almost)
and i am unable to boot the terminal (and the virtual terminal too)
i use eth1 for the terminals and eth0 for the internet.
i never used a bridge before and i suspect it is the issue here, although it
looks operational.
i got wireshark on and i am getting tftp request but no file is sent from
the server to the terminal.

2. i found the *ltsp-server-initialize *script and tried it but got error
ipcalc unable to compute so i got inside the script and
changed it to for it to work.
i hope i didnt break it and i change the interface to eth1 too.

3. i had to stop and disable the dhcpd and start ltsp-dhcpd and point it to
my dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf file with our terminal's defaults.

4. remarking the line /tftpboot didn't help since the script
ltsp-build-client was parssing the file and finding it inside the remark (i
took me some time to fegure it out) so i had to remove it complitly and
chage it to /var/lib/tftp in /etc/xinetd.d/tftp file.

after fixing this little issue with tftp the build-client finished smoothly
with no errors :-)

runnning the vmclient i get no dhcpd error and the boot hangs.
i set ltsp-dhcpd to listen to eth1 is that ok ?
it seems to work for the actual terminals but not for the vmclient.

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