ltsp-server-initialize thoughts

Ashley Gale ashley.gale3 at
Mon Jul 7 23:57:30 UTC 2008

Hi Warren,

Ho do you fix it if you have run ltsp-server-initialize? Or am I better 
doing a fresh install.

(Newbie who does not know how to fix it and put it in)

Warren Togami wrote:
> I'm thinking that we should remove ltsp-server-initialize from the 
> documentation so newbie users don't use it and get burned.
> It is clearly not ready today, and knowing what to do to "fix" is not 
> straight forward due to it not being clear which interface should be 
> attached to the bridge.
> If you personally want to work on ltsp-server-initialize then please 
> do.  You don't need permission from anyone.  Post your questions, 
> comments and patches to this list for others to review.
> Thoughts?
> Warren Togami
> wtogami at
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