selinux problem

Lars Schade lars.schade at
Sun Jul 13 16:10:51 UTC 2008

Dear K12-fedora developers,

I am aware that I am posting to a developer's list while I am a user, but since there seems to be no user mailing list yet...
Just ignore my mail if my question is too basic.

I am trying to set up ltsp with fedora 9 and followed the online instructions.
When I run ltsp-build-client I get the following info:

[root at test ltsp]# ltsp-build-client 
Autoconfigured Kickstart: /etc/ltsp/kickstart/Fedora/9/ltsp-i386.ks
Installing into /opt/ltsp/i386
Mounting /opt/ltsp/i386 for chroot installation
Retrieving ...OK
Retrieving ...OK
Retrieving ...OK
Retrieving ...OK
Retrieving ...OK
Retrieving ...OK
No such package firstboot-tui to remove
No such package vixie-cron to remove
Error creating image : Unable to disable SELinux because the installed package set did not include the file /usr/sbin/lokkit
error: LTSP client installation ended abnormally

The file /usr/sbin/lokkit exists, should it also exist in the chroot?
Or do I have to disable SElinux during installation amd setup of LTSP?
Or is LTSP generally incompatible with SElinux?
Or can I change th eSElinux rules to work with LTSP?

BTW, is it a problem, that firstboot-tui and vixie-cron are missing?

Any help is appreciated!

- Lars

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