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Frantisek Hanzlik franta at
Sun May 18 11:00:37 UTC 2008

Warren Togami wrote:
> Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
>> As I can see on Ubuntu and Debian forums, jetpipe is very simple python
>> script, and at this time isn't capable initialize serial line printers.
>> I a week ago upgrade some system I manage to F9/LTSP 5 and must solve
>> printing to printers (paralell, serial and USB too) connected to thin
>> clients.
>> Thus I was build print server which was used in ltsp 4 - "lp_server"
>> from P.Powell.
>> After several days utilization, I must say this work without problems.
>> (On older versions K12LTSP I was using this program for more than four
>> years, and it works well, with small system footprint).
>> For easy integration lp_server to F9 I made:
>> - lp_server RPM package for F9/i386 lp_server-1.1.6-1.fc9.i386.rpm
>> available at
>> (23kB)
>> - lp_server source RPM lp_server-1.1.6-1.fc9.src.rpm available at
>> (73 KB)
>> - patch for ltsp-init-common script from ltsp-5.1.7, which replaces
>> jetpipe with lp-server: ltsp-init-common.patch.tgz available at
>> Patch is against ltsp-5.1.7 package (1.2 kB)
> jetpipe is the upstream standard for printing.
- Yes, I agree with You, but maybe its development stands.
- jetpipe lacks some important feature in contrast with lp_server.
- jetpipe has much higher memory requirements (RSS=2052 kB vs. 256 kB)
   than lp_server. Resources on thin client are rather low, and utilize
   Python on it isn't (I think) so good as on powerfull desktop.

> Debian/Ubuntu developers
> confirmed that jetpipe can't do serial printing. Both said they
> evaluated it for Debian or Ubuntu but they cannot ship it because the
> copyrights on the source files are unclear. They were unable to contact
> the author to clarify the copyright thus both are unable to ship it.
Author, Patrick Powell, seems be still active at LPRng - You can see and there is mail address: papowell at

Proper homepage for lp_server source is probably at

"Copyright" and "LICENSE" files attached with lp_server sources says:
Use and distribution of this software is covered by the GNU COPYING
license.  Please refer to this for terms and conditions.

And attached "COPYING" file is GNU GPL v2.
I can tried contact lp_server author, but unfortunately (as you can see:))
my english is too bad for serious dialogue.

> Fedora tends to have as-strict or stricter copyright/license compliance
> requirements than other distros so we likely cannot ship this either.
> While lp_server cannot be shipped in Fedora directly, perhaps you could
> convince upstream to make a standard lts.conf option to allow using 3rd
> party print servers other than the standard jetpipe.
How I can do it, please?
For me, it appears that LTSP development team laid some groundwork for
LTSP 5, and then next active development is at Debian and Ubuntu distros.

> Otherwise, I personally cannot prioritize working on it. Notes about
> your packages and how to use it should be added to the K12Linux wiki
> though.
OK, thank You, I will try do it.

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