Print to printer connected to ltsp thin client

Warren Togami wtogami at
Sun May 18 15:13:18 UTC 2008

Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
> Author, Patrick Powell, seems be still active at LPRng - You can see
> and there is mail address: papowell at
> Proper homepage for lp_server source is probably at
> "Copyright" and "LICENSE" files attached with lp_server sources says:
> Use and distribution of this software is covered by the GNU COPYING
> license.  Please refer to this for terms and conditions.
> And attached "COPYING" file is GNU GPL v2.
> I can tried contact lp_server author, but unfortunately (as you can see:))
> my english is too bad for serious dialogue.

  * LPRng IFHP Filter
  * Copyright 1994-1997 Patrick Powell, San Diego, CA <papowell at>
  * Based on the CTI printer filters.
  *  See COPYRIGHT for details.

Most of the source files are marked like this.  This is improperly 
labelled because it does not refer to the actual license name.  If the 
author is active then perhaps you could ask for a new release with the 
license headers clarified.
Have him follow the directions here.

>> Fedora tends to have as-strict or stricter copyright/license compliance
>> requirements than other distros so we likely cannot ship this either.
>> While lp_server cannot be shipped in Fedora directly, perhaps you could
>> convince upstream to make a standard lts.conf option to allow using 3rd
>> party print servers other than the standard jetpipe.
> How I can do it, please?
> For me, it appears that LTSP development team laid some groundwork for
> LTSP 5, and then next active development is at Debian and Ubuntu distros.
These days it is very much a joint effort.  Fedora shares leadership in 
LTSP upstream with Debian and Ubuntu.

Warren Togami
wtogami at

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