Setting up with two NICS

Warren Togami wtogami at
Wed May 21 19:22:56 UTC 2008

Kemp, Levi wrote:
> I just joined this list knowing that I'm going to need help very soon 
> setting up Fedora 9 with LTSP 5. I've got to decide this soon if I want 
> to use Ubuntu 8.04 or Fedora 9 for my computer lab this fall. I've 
> successfully setup Ubuntu 8.04 with LTSP, works great aside from the 
> fact that getting it integrated into AD is  more complicated. They've 
> got likewise and SADMS, and I can get them to work to some degree but 
> always fail at pam_mount. With Fedora I can easily integrate into AD, it 
> just works, and getting pam_mount to work is pretty simple. But I 
> haven't successfully installed LTSP 5 into it yet. I followed the 
> install directions as best I could, but I fear I'm lost when it comes to 
> configuring the second nic. I see the bridge is setup, but only one nic 
> is active (outside network). It seems like this might be a simple step, 
> and since everything else may already be configured correctly if I could 
> get some assistance I'm likely to go with Fedora again this year, I'm 
> more used to it because of Eric Harrison anyways. Thanks. Let me know 
> what info you need because I know I'm being vague here, but I'm unsure 
> where to troubleshoot at the moment.

ifconfig shows eth0 and eth1?

Make sure you turned off NetworkManager and you are using service 
network instead.
chkconfig NetworkManager off; chkconfig network on; Then reboot.

Your eth device to be added to the bridge must have no IP address 
assigned to it.

Could you please join our IRC chat and ask for help there?  It would be 
easier to help you in live chat.


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