diskless vs ltsp local apps

Warren Togami wtogami at redhat.com
Wed Oct 8 22:57:26 UTC 2008

Odin Nøsen wrote:
>> This is a very simple example of a localapp that is already installed in 
>> the client chroot.  You can use yum to install additional stuff like 
>> firefox or epiphany, then run it in the same manner.
> I tested this in Fedora 10 with LTSP - and it worked like a charm! Firefox with Flash
> worked on the first try. Now I have to get it working with NIS and NFS too... Maybe t
> works better (not using longer and longer time to log on) if I sshfs directly to the
> fileservere and not to the terminalserver. I got to make a real NIS/NFS setup with LTSP
> in ESXi soon so I can test this at home.

Connecting to a different server for sshfs will be a challenge.  The 
reason for this is sshfs automatically mounted with LTSP5 local apps 
support goes through the existing ssh tunnel used by X created upon your 
ldm login.  If you want anything different from this, it will be a 
significant architecture problem that needs to be discussed on the 
upstream ltsp-developer list.

BTW, how fast was starting firefox?  It has been really slow for me on 
first-run, but better on subsequent runs.


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