eth0 & ltspbr0 not connecting

Warren Togami wtogami at
Sat Oct 11 00:30:41 UTC 2008

Peter Scheie wrote:
> I'm delving back into setting up ltsp 5 on fedora 9, after playing with 
> the Live USB version for the past few weeks.  I'm doing this on my 
> laptop, so eth0, the wired port, needs to be 'connected' to ltspbr0.  I 
> used the instructions on the k12linux wiki, but I must have missed 
> something.  I tried to run ltsp-vmclient, but while it got an IP 
> address, it just kinda sat there.  So, I switched to trying boot a real 
> TC, again following the wiki.  But while dhcpd is up, and brctl shows 
> the eth0 under ltspbr0's control, the TC is not getting an address.  I 
> did disable eth0 in NetworkManager, but that seems to have just removed 
> the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file.  Should it have?  
> After playing around with it, I've now gotten it to the point where 
> dhcpd won't start, saying it's not configured to listen on any 
> interfaces.  Any suggestions as to where I went off the track?

Try turning off iptables.  Does that help?


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