diskless vs ltsp local apps

Odin Nøsen odin at gnuskole.no
Sat Oct 11 08:53:01 UTC 2008

> Network swap really sucks though, more so than local swap.  You really 
> need more RAM to successfully use local apps I think.

"chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 yum install dbus-x11" fixed the hang-and-crash in the ldm-client.
Firefox+flash+totem-mozplugin works with 128MB but the swap is being used - 256MB is
better because it's not using swap.

My goal is firefox+flash+totem+java, so my next try is Sun JRE v1.6 with mozplugin.


BTW: My thin client is now a ESXi virual machine with 256MB memory and 900mhz CPU. Going
to test this on real hardware in the coming week.

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