diskless vs ltsp local apps

Warren Togami wtogami at redhat.com
Mon Oct 13 02:23:18 UTC 2008

Robert Arkiletian wrote:
> got firefox installed in chroot
> I can get it to start (although it takes half a minute to launch) But
> it's having problems resolving names. I've checked /etc/resolv.conf in
> the chroot. It's the same as on the server. I also enabled ip
> forwarding in kernel
> echo 1 >  /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
> which was off by default. But I still cannot get firefox to load pages
> running locally

You need an iptables NAT rule for the ltspbr0 device, not ethX devices. 
  You might also want to run dnsmasq serving only the ltspbr0 interface.


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