How Can I Help?

Stephen Crampton SteveSings at
Sun Oct 19 18:41:14 UTC 2008

I'm looking forward to trying the first release of K12Linux!  Thanks to
everyone who made it possible.

I'm a Ph.D. dropout who is now teaching Middle School.  My focus was
computer vision at Boston University, although I did coursework in a wide
range of subjects including networking and operating systems.  I worked
almost exclusively in Linux.

I'm a strong C/C++ programmer and pretty good with bash scripting.  I've
also dabbled in a number of other languages, most notably LISP and Java.
I'm looking into learning Python.

I was wondering if I could help with the development of this project.  Is
there somewhere that I could find a piece of code with instructions like
"optimize this," "debug this," or "add this feature"?  Would I then just
work on it and upload my solution?

Could someone explain to me or point me to a primer on how the development
process is managed?

Steve Crampton
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