HTML Readme for K12Linux Live F9 Beta 2 draft 3

Peter Scheie peter at
Fri Sep 5 00:49:31 UTC 2008

At William Fragakis's suggestion, I converted the REAMDE png files to jpg (using 
the commandline ImageMagick in a for-loop -- fast & easy!  To my surprise, the 
files came out at about 33% of their original size and looking quite good.  Not 
as small at the 8-bit png files, but nearly so, and not so distorted looking. 
Have a look at draft3-jpg at

BTW, in step 15, running the ifdown command produced the error "device eth0 is 
not a slave of ltspbr0" for me; can this be ignored?  I did, and it didn't seem 
to cause any problems.  I put a sentence in the README to that effect just so it 
doesn't freak people out.  But it would be good if someone could verify that it 
is inconsequential.


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