FW: What else do we need to fix to make K12Linux production ready

Steven Santos Steven at SimplyCircus.com
Mon Sep 8 02:16:41 UTC 2008


> Including iptables rules by default is not straight forward because
> they can easily conflict with any existing rules from
> /etc/sysconfig/iptables, from libvirt and other sources.  There is
> unfortunately far too many ways one could configure iptables.  I
> suppose we could ship a basic config that should work for most people, but
> disabled by default.

I think this is an excellent idea, but I would recommend enabling this by
default, given how people use these systems.

> I think we should ship a DNS server pre-configured for ltspbr0.  This
> is straight forward and relatively easy to do.  I just haven't done it yet
> because it isn't needed for thin clients and nobody asked for it until
> now.


> This is only a limitation of the current dhcpd.conf.  It is perfectly
> capable of serving IP's to non-thin clients on that network segment if
> the dhcpd.conf is setup properly.  If someone is willing to point out
> exactly what dhcpd.conf changes are needed, I am willing to test it and
> include it in the default dhcpd.conf.

Thank you, these will make a big difference.

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