K12Linux in a multi homed environment

Bond, Darryl dbond at nrggos.com.au
Fri Feb 13 10:22:03 UTC 2009

We are moving from LTSP4.2 to K12Linux (Fedora10) in a rather large complex environment.

The boot servers are 2 Solaris boxes each running ISC dhcpd. The clients are explicitly defined in the dhcpd.conf.
LTSP always used:
option root-path=IP:/opt/ltsp
which is fine in a single homed host but pretty broken in a multihomed host environment like ours, unless the root-path is set for each host.

I used to extract the initramfs and modify the scripts so that the server IP address was extracted from the next-server = IP dhcpd.conf configuration but I would really like to not have to do this with the new system.

What is the chance of ascertaining the nfs server IP address separately from the root path.


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