Minimum RAM requirements

Warren Togami wtogami at
Fri Feb 20 03:41:14 UTC 2009

Darryl Bond wrote:
> I have been testing with a selection of my clients. I have found that
> pulseaudio will not work with 64MB clients (I have a lot of them).

There is likely nothing we can do about this.  Several other aspects of 
modern distros like X need a lot more RAM than past versions due to 
upstream changes.  I will try to write a Wiki page with a list of things 
you can do to disable things to reduce memory usage, but it only helps 
by a few megabytes.

* Turn off local apps.
* Turn off local storage (ltspfs).
* Turn off haldaemon and messagebus, this requires an xorg.conf option 
to allow it to use the keyboard and mouse without hal.  This reclaims 
about 3-5MB of RAM.

I didn't really bother to do any of this because if you are this memory 
constrained, it is going to be an unstable client.  Pixmaps like used by 
firefox will use more and more RAM on the client and cause big problems. 
  128MB is really the safe minimum RAM these days.  You will hear the 
same thing for modern Ubuntu LTSP.


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