usb sticks reliability

murrah boswell otrcomm at
Sun Jun 7 03:27:59 UTC 2009

Hello Barry,

> Curious as to how the reliability of usb sticks showing up on the
> desktop, regardless of usb 1.1 or 2.0, are at this point on
> FC10/k12linux? I was thinking about rolling out one k12linux server as
> fc10,fresh install from el5 now, if the usb sticks are showing up at
> least 99.99 percent of the time This is a must have for our school.
> Anyone care to comment.

I have never had any problems with Kingston DataTravelers (from Office Max) or PNY Attaches (from WalMart). They have both shown up 
on the desktop 100% of the time so far. My testing TC is a Dell C600 laptop with a four port pcmcia Buslink USB 2.0 Card Bus.

Murrah Boswell

> thank You,
> Barry Cisna
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