No Client Login

Phydeaux reb at
Wed May 13 11:55:14 UTC 2009

At 03:14 AM 05/13/09, murrah boswell wrote:
>Hello All,
>I know you guys are busy with development work, but there is virtually no traffic on the k12osn list so I wanted to ask you guys.
>I just setup my first liver server system on a usb stick and got the client to connect but there is no Login box to enter a username. My client is a Dell Latitude C600 with 3Com miniPC nic. Any ideas why the login screen would not produce? I can see the Sponsered by RedHat at the bottom and can go into the Preferences box, but no Login box. I just get this constant flicker where the K12Linux logo should be. I can move the mouse across where the Login box should be and the cursor changes to like it is over a text box but that is about it.
>Is the problem with the Dell box?

I've seen what I think are similar problems caused by a failure to detect the proper
video card.  In my case, half of the login box was visible on the screen.  I replaced
the VGA cable with a DVI cable and all was well with the world.  Can you select the
login box at all?  If you can manage to use the keyboard to log in it should work fine
from there -- even though you might not be able to see everything in the login box.


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