f10 live on usb stick slowness

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Nov 22 03:02:49 UTC 2009

Hello All,

Contemplating installing FC10 K12Linux onto my existing Centos 5 k12ltsp
server at home - dual boot. I use an Ebox 2300 TC for my personal
machine at home. This little machine works fine for me in ltsp 4.X. I
setup FC10 K12Linux on a usb stick and booted the server,set up the
ltspbr0 ,fired up my Ebox 2300 and the boot process started perfect out
of the box. Didn't even have to switch any cables around to make it
happen. It took the Ebox around 2 mins to get to a log in screen.
Actually once logged into the desktop Abiword, Totem launched fairly
decent. The TC even had sound without any configing which floored me as
I spent countless hours? getting this to work many moons ago,on ltsp
4.x. The downside is when playing simple sounds from
the /usr/share/sounds folder the sound latency was very choppy.The sound
would play and about 15 seconds later the progress bar would start to go
across. Sound on the Ebox plays much quicker in ltsp4.x for example. As
soon as I logged into the desktop I run ifconfig and found that eth0 had
already transmitted about 125MB of data!  In comparison if I do the same
routine in ltsp4.x the value is about half this on eth0. Does having the
selinux enabled come into play in this scenario as I have always had
selinux disabled ? Will the boot sequence go noticebly faster if I go
ahead and install FC10 to the HD? Just wondered what others thoughts and
experiences are with the slower TC's I'm all for trying to keep up to
date,just wondering if my Ebox will be able to handle FC10  :)

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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