f10 live on usb stick slowness

Healy, Patrick Patrick.Healy at dsusd.us
Sun Nov 22 17:18:44 UTC 2009

Hi Barry,

I was using a few Ebox2300's with k12linux on FC9 and now FC11. 

But even though sound was "working," it was too much for these clients. 
To get barely acceptable performance, I had to disable sound in the bios. 
The audio (pulseaudio if I recall correctly) was using too many resources 
on these under-powered clients.  (something like a third to half of the 
RAM and CPU just at idle) 

I've since retired them, in favor of some 800 MHz PIII's with 512 MB of RAM 
that I scrounged up from the discard pile. They work great, along with my 
class set of Celeron 366's with 128 MB. 

But if you're going to keep using the Ebox's, you probably want to stick with 
the old K12LTSP on Centos.  

Hope this helps,
Patrick Healy
Palm Desert High School

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just wondering if my Ebox will be able to handle FC10  :)

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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