how to use fed10-12 as ltsp server for redhat 5

roland roland at
Fri Apr 2 09:29:01 UTC 2010

On Fri, 02 Apr 2010 10:55:44 +0200, Almquist Burke  
<burke at> wrote:

> What you might try is putting the login system and the /home filesystem  
> on the CentOS box. (You can use Samba, NIS, or LDAP for the login system  
> and NFS to share out /home. Then you can has as many fedora 10+ servers  
> running the actual applications. This will make it easier to upgrade  
> your LTSP servers since it's just the OS and applications on them and  
> not the user/data stuff.

So, what you mean is that the fedora installation will be used as  
login-server and present me his home desktop and applications? And CentOS  
will be used as a dataserver through Samba and nfs.


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