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[K12OSN] ELXLinux Distro??

Has anyone looked at ELXLinux yet - the team that is doing this has re-written much of the KDE 2.1 :-( interface to be very Windows-like, right down to OS dialog boxes, so as to ease migration issues. I'd love to look at it, but downloading a couple CD-ISOs on a 26.4k dial-up is painful......I'll order the CDs when it goes "gold" (RC2 right now)

Just bought a copy of SUSE 7.3, and it fails install on my test platform - the same machine that has has had successful Caldera 2.4, RH 6-7.2, and multiple Windows installs. (I have not taken the time to look at the error mode in detail)


At 09:59 PM 3/30/2002, mslicker wrote:
I am pretty agnostic.  How would you compare K12OS over Caldera, or
Lycoris?  Red Hat is really all-purpose and I am always looking for a
desktop-specialized OS....  which makes a great deal of sense for LTSP
use.  I hope Lycoris support will be added to the next LTSP CD.

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