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[K12OSN] RE: K12OSN digest, Vol 1 #60 - 1 msg

Dear friends,
I am sorry that even American Express is one of those who do not keep their
promises. Five years back they were promising FREE service to provide with one
e-mail address to be kept for the entire LIFE. I guess it's not me but them
who is about to die by the end of April 2002.
Certainly - they do offer a continuation of the service for a fee. However, I
will be looking for a different partner - not with such who is changing

In the meantime please use the address 
martin hroch net

American Express (amexmail.com) se zaradil mezi ty, kteri se nedrzi svych
slibu. Pred peti lety to byl slib e-mail sluzeb bez poplatku a jako vyhodu
uvadeli "adresu na cely zivot". Ukazuje se, ze jedno ci druhe, ale ne obe
soucasne. Amex rusi bezplatne sluzby ke konci dubna. Platit za sluzby budu
radeji nekomu, kdo nesliboval od pocatku sluzby zadarmo.

Prozatim mi prosim piste na adresu
martin hroch net

Thanks / Dekuji,

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