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Re: [K12OSN] logon scripts


> or modify this one.  what is the purpose of the NUL at the end?  when you

it suppresses any output of that command (same as > /dev/nul)

> look at it on the unix box it shows NUL ^M at the end.

this is normal because line breaks are different on Unix and Dos (see
unix2dos / dos2unix), maybe you better edit it on your Windows workstation

You may also add "/persistent:no" to net use if you have NT/W2K stations
(same drives will not be reconnected on next logon).
You can read this from the variable "OS" (='Windows_NT' then).

Anyway i would suggest the much more flexible KiXtart:
Also try my simple but useful sample script:
http://home.paf.net/sf/KiXtart-Sample.zip (some links in the Readme do not
work anymore, i know)

I also used it in schools with anonymous mail accounts (that are used for
learning these programs) to generate a fresh mail/browser profile for
Mozilla (i regard this one as beta), Netscape Communicator, Outlook with
Exchange Server, and Outlook Express on every login. Ask if you are
interested in any of these.

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