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Re: [K12OSN] logon scripts

It looks like your first question was answered fairly well, so I'll shoot for
the second.  Yes, the httpd-access.log file logs all access to your web server,
including the location being accessed and the IP address it was accessed from. 
Depending on how you have log rotation configured, they can get pretty big,
however they can be helpful, as well.  I have the logs here at work gzipped
when they are rotated (and they're rotated daily), and ten rotations of these
logs plus the error logs add up to about 6 megs, so it isn't too bad.  Upzipped
it might be twenty or so, at the most.  There might be a way to disable the
logging, however you could also just set the access log file to "/dev/null" and
it would have the same effect.


--- "Stephen Wagner, District Tech. Coord." <wagners danps csw net> wrote:
> I have two questions for anyone who might can answer them.
> question 1:  how do you create logon scripts or any script for that matter 
> to work with samba and my unix box?  here is a sample of one that I use 
> when users log onto the box.  I have it in the netlogon folder.  this file 
> was created before I started work here so I have no idea how to create one 
> or modify this one.  what is the purpose of the NUL at the end?  when you 
> look at it on the unix box it shows NUL ^M at the end.
> question 2:  I have apache running on the server.  when users access the 
> webserver it places info in a log file called httpd-access.log  is this 
> normal?  seems this could become a huge log file if alot of traffic comes 
> through here.
> thanks for your help.
> Stephen Wagner
> District Technology Coordinator
> Danville Public Schools
> Danville, AR  72833
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