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Re: [K12OSN] Quota settings was:logon scripts

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Steve Wright wrote:

>On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 01:41:35PM -0800, Nicholas Couchman wrote:
>> Depending on how you have log rotation configured, they can get pretty big,
>> > 
>> > question 2:  I have apache running on the server.  when users access the 
>> > webserver it places info in a log file called httpd-access.log  is this 
>> > normal?  seems this could become a huge log file if alot of traffic comes 
>> > through here.
>> > 
>It pays to keep an eye on things.  I once had a "No space left on device"
>error, at which I immediately exclaimed B/S, as I 'knew' I had 6GB left.
>Well it turned the system was correct, and after checking my logs and finding
>them in order, I discovered a 6.4GB .xsession-errors file in one of my
>users' directories.  8-O
>How that got there, I have no idea, but it hasn't happened again. yet. 8-/
>Have I got quotas turned off for that to occur ?  Where are the quota
>settings ?
>That was with K12OS V2.0 BTW..
>p.s IMO, since K12OS is supposed to lower TCO, a package to self-examine
>the system, and report by email/other on faults and general areas of concern
>would be useful.  With that running, it would be walk-away-and-forget. ciao.

Make sure the following packages are installed:


Disckcheck will send you an email once an hour if you have a drive over
90% full.

Logwatch will send you an email everyday listing what it thinks are problem
or otherwise interesting entries in your logs.

Sysstat keeps a bunch of statistics on system performance.

I *think* logwatch & sysstat are installed by default (looking at a fresh
pre-2.0.2 release that I *think* I picked all the default settings). Diskcheck
is probably not installed by default. I think I'll change that for 2.0.2.


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