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Mr. Huff:

I was excited by the prospects of someone e-mailing me regarding MOSIX
and/or OpenMosix when I saw your message appear in my in-box.  That
excitement very quickly turned to dismay as I read the contents of your

I will try to be brief.

If you (or anyone else) will please direct me to a document, statement, or
other information that clearly states that the MOSIX clustering system
currently available at http://www.mosix.com is Open Source or Free Software
(as defined at http://www.gnu.org)  I will gladly amend my how-to and
correct any misunderstanding that I may have inadvertently caused.  In all
sincerity and without any malice towards anyone I posted all of the
pertinent information that I could find on the issue.  You state that I am
spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.  Well, as I clearly state, I *am*
uncertain about the status of MOSIX as OpenSource software.  Without clarity
on that point I would think that anyone implementing MOSIX should obtain
permission to do so from the copyright holder, Amnon Barak.

Now, as to your personal attacks on myself.  I have no earthly idea where
you are coming from.  I have no hidden agenda to promote one system over the
other.  I represent no special interest groups.  I just found OpenMosix
quite easy to install and completely Open Source in it's licensing as I
indicated.  If MOSIX is also Open Source then I have nothing against anyone
utilizing it.  If it is not Open Source then again I would have to think
that it would be imperative that an organization obtain permission from the
copyright holder before implementing the system--not only for legal reasons
but simply out of respect for someone who has created a marvelous piece of

Finally, I deeply regret and totally refute your insinuation that I am
anti-Semitic.  You don't know me any more then I know Mr. Barak (MOSIX) or
Mr. Bar (OpenMosix), how could you possibly come to such a conclusion?

Look, David, if you will research the archives of the K12OSN, and the
original K12LTSP mailing list you will see that my interests have only been
to obtain information on how we might optimize an LTSP client/server setup
with MOSIX (and now OpenMosix) clustering.  I see from your note that you
have experience in installing MOSIX to LTSP.  Where were you when we needed
you brother?  We could have used a How-To from someone with experience way
back.  That's what Open Source is all about to me, sharing ideas, giving
back, making it work better.  That's *all* I was trying to do.  Give back.

I sincerely apologize for offending you or anyone else with my how-to, and
please (again), if you or anyone else has documentation stating that MOSIX
is in fact still Open Source or Free Software, please let me know.  I will
publicly apologize for my error, and amend my how-to with the corrections
that need to be made.

Finally, this was my *first* How-To.  I was pumped.  I was excited.
OpenMosix worked, and it was so easy to install on the K12LTSP distribution.
I just wanted to get the word out to all the great folks on the list.  Like
I said in the How-To, I am responsible for any mistakes and I will gladly
correct them if need be.  But I will say this, I have serious reservations
about *ever* posting another How-To again.

Well, that wasn't so brief I guess.  I want to close by thanking the people
that make it work: The guys that put together the folks at RedHat for their
great product, the guys that put together the K12LTSP distribution
(incredible!), Jim McQuil for the LTSP system in the first place (and the
excellent documentation that he has for it too!), Mr. Barak for the original
MOSIX system, Mr. Bar for the OpenMosix system, and finally Richard Camp for
his original How-To on getting it all working together.  Thanks guys!

James Jensen

----- Original Message -----
From: "David D. Huff Jr." <David Huff computer-critters com>
To: <jmsjnsn linuxfreemail com>
Cc: <webmaster seul org>
Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 1:47 PM
Subject: MOSIX

> Another FUDster in action! As this link provides:
> http://k12ltsp.org/ltsp-om5.html
> Non specific claims about MOSIX not being OSS, well well, even when it
> comes to helping children, someone has the nerve.
> Does it really matter? Since you got the idea from the original article
> anyway? Or do you have something against a Jewish Professor from Isreal?
> It is nice to have choice but not at the expense of others. Unless you
> know well the Professor's intentions concerning the welfare of children
> in the United States and around the world, keep your nefarious comments
> to yourself. This type of self promotion is un-called for.
> It would have served your cause just as well to explain some of the
> advantages of using OpenMOSIX instead of insinuating Fear Uncertainty
> and Doubt.
> I have always appreciated the work that has been done with these
> publications but detest their usage by special interest groups under
> these condidtions.
> And, yes I do have a personal interest. I host and support the site for
> the school where my wife teaches. Running on 'real' MOSIX kernels.
> Sincerely,
> David D. Huff Jr.
> President
> Computer Critters Incorporated

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