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Re: [Openmosix-general] Re: [K12OSN] Re: MOSIX

Mr. Camp, etc.:

> The goal I am aiming for is a distribution CD.  I want to let the
> average linux user who has never compiled a kernel before to set up a
> cluster.  My HOWTOs are just the first step.

You may be interested in taking a look at my current project.  It
involves creating a server device to allow network booting of standard
PCs into an OpenMOSIX cluster environment.  Each node of the cluster
boots off of the network (using etherboot, of course) and loads an
OpenMOSIX-enabled kernel and a minimal linux system via initrd (approx
4MB).  The entire system runs out of RAM (necessitating at least 64MB
RAM per node, and can mount accessory directories over NFS (for Java,
X, whatever etc.).  It is designed to be a plug'n'pr^Hlay (it really
does work) system that requires no installation on the node, and the
normal OS of the node (Wind^Hblows 2000 in this case) by simply
pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL to expel all OpenMOSIX processes and reboot the
machine.  I have created a web site at http://parallel.sf.net/.

> Time and money permitting I would like to write a book covering the
> building of a cluster from the junkyard to running on the desktop.

That would be a great book, so far there aren't any like that that I'm
aware of.  I will be writing a magazine article in the future about
the building of my project (in exchange for some hardware :).

> Its been a busy couple of weeks but a K12LTSP+OpenMosix howto with pre
> compiled kernels and an install script are coming soon.

Good luck!

Ian Cooper - ian wpi edu
http://www.coogr.net/ <---- personal web site
http://parallel.sf.net/ <-- project web site

 KJm,mzmWEzEiJbEr" (coogr.net/insanity)

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