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Re: [K12OSN] Re: MOSIX

Thanks Eric!

This whole thing has been a learning experience for me.  But I think the
*best* thing to come out of all of it is that attention has been drawn to
both the MOSIX & OpenMosix systems, and their use with LTSP.  This is a good

I said I might not write another How-To again, but that's not correct
thinking.  If I or anyone else writes up a How-To and someone else finds
*technical errors* in it that need to be corrected, then everyone gains from
the discourse.

Of course technical issues are a far cry from personal attacks which is, as
far as I am concerned, ill conceived and inappropriate.  I'm sure someone
out there teaches philosophical logic--setting up a "straw man" argument is
generally is not the best way to make your case.

Anyway, I have a couple more quick How-To's to post on unrelated matters but
they might prove useful, I hope.  At least this time I doubt there will be
any reason for anyone to beat me up!  LOL!


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> On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, James Jensen wrote:
> >Let me know if I can help out.  Although, I've proabably done enough
> >this evening...
> I'd argue quite the opposite, you made my day.
> One of the inherent "features" of free/open source software is conflict.
> Everyone is free to express their opinions. It would be nice if everyone
> was as professional and well reasoned as you have been James, but the
> is not a perfect place.
> It would especially nice if everyone was professional, well reasoned, and
> was actively working to make the world a perfect place.
> Cheers!
> -Eric

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