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Re: [K12OSN] Re: MOSIX

I know one thing for sure, with the 4-5 PC's I had running on 10Mbit, that
poor little hub was smokin' when I would stress test the cluster--solid
green activity lights across the board.  The collision light wasn't solid
but it was flashing *a lot*.  Watching the lights is not a very accurate
measure of traffic of course, LOL, but with no management facility on it,
that's the best I tell you.

When the cluster was under load it still appeared that the clients Xwindows
refreshes were working well (even better then  with non-OpenMosix kernels.
Especially on that old 486-66mhz.  It really made it feasible & worthwhile
to use that old dog as a client.).

As you mentioned it will be very interesting to see what happens on a large
set up.  I'm guessing that a Fast Ethernet (100Mbit Full Duplex) network
would be able to handle the load even on a larger install.

The big concern, to me, remains--what happens when Client #1 process A is
running on Client #5, and Client #5 powers off.  What happens to process A?
The failover factor...

It may just be that OpenMosix would need to be a cluster of servers only at
this point.

Valid questions all, and it would be great fun to test this stuff in a real


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> Boy all this mosix-k12ltsp stuff is very interesting.
> I was wondering what will be the impact of having processus eating up the
> bandwith of the network, when will the screen-keyboard refresh start
> because of all these processus flying around?
> I guess this is a early question but a large installation of this
> setup would start giving us answers.

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