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Re: [K12OSN] making logon scripts


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You shouldn't have any problems posting, I wouldn't think...

I use "net use..." almost daily. I haven't looked at the help in a long
time.  Probably a bunch in there that I'm missing or forgetting.  Makes me
think of all the cool *nix tools that I don't even begin to really know
about!   Too much to know to little time...

I set SAMBA up as a Primary Domain Controller for my windows clients.  It
works great, logins, automatic drive mappings, etc.  *That* was a battle
getting smb.conf just right for it, but once it was done it was perfect!
I'm sure M$ doesn't appreciate that but it works so :-P~

As a friend of mine said recently, "I think that's the model for all
computer problems. Hours and hours to figure it
out, and 2 minutes to actually fix it."

Truer words were never spoken!  LOL!

Jame Jensen

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From: "Craig Sawyer" <csawyer yumaed org>
To: "James Jensen" <jmsjnsn linuxfreemail com>; <wagners danps csw net>
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 9:00 AM
Subject: Re: [K12OSN] making logon scripts

> On 4/3/02 11:52 PM, "James Jensen" <jmsjnsn linuxfreemail com> wrote:
> > I am familiar with the "NET USE" command but what does the "/YES >"
> > do?
> >
> > Are you saving this command line in /netlogon on the server (as in a PDC
> > setup)?
> Go sit on a windows machine and type net use /help or /?
> Or even net all by itself.
> Net has all sorts of commands, (it runs from the dos prompt/command
> You can set time etc.  Net is fun.
> Also have it be known that samba requires the .bat files have the x bit
> that is the execute bit, something like chmod 755 * in the netlogon
> directory should do the trick.  (perhaps this is not required in the
> versions of samba)
> Also rememeber the netlogon share on the samba server gets mapped on logon
> script processing as the Z: drive, so you can actually put programs out
> there, and run them from the .bat file(s) as Z:\titoexecutable.exe
> All of this is client side driven, and executes on the client.
> I did not post this to the list, as I do not have post permission.  Feel
> free to forward this if you think it's appropriate.
> -Craig

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