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[K12OSN] KDE 3.0 Education Stuff

From the new KDE 3.0 release page.......


Edutainment. A package with "Edutainment" applications has been added
to KDE. It is maintained by the KDE Edutainment Project, which aims to
create educational software based around KDE.

The package currently includes: KEduca, an educational project to enable the creation and revision of form-based tests and exams; KGeo, an
interactive geometry learning program similar to Euklid(tm); KLettres, an
alphabet and sound-recognition game (in French); KStars, a graphical
desktop planetarium; KTouch, a program for learning touch typing; and
kvoctrain, a foreign language vocabulary trainer.

Don't know how good/bad any of this is, but it appears to be a step in the right direction....


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