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Re: [K12OSN] webmin

You would need to port forward across your firewall to each server:
10000 to server A
10001 to server B
10002 to server C etc...


> A slight tangent to use webmin...
> Our county firewall is configured to allow http, but
> this would probabably need to be initiated from the
> inside right? Or is that nonsense.
> Anyone think of a way for me to be able to connect to
> webmin on a server behind this firewall from the
> outside. I obviously have root access to the server,
> so I can put any programs on either side of the
> firewall. I manage 4 schools in the county (UK), and
> have access to each, but I have to travel to
> administer them, and to be able to configure them from
> home is a bit of eternal search of mine.
> Any help _much_ appreciated.
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