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Re: [K12OSN] webmin


You answers are really welcomed. Thank you.

I think I mentioned I don't have _any_ say as to what
ports are open. I can't change the firewall - it's
about 30 miles away and serves the whole county
schools' networks.

So, to recap...

The internal addresses are 172.17.....

I have no access to the firewall.

I _really_ want to be able to admin a range of servers
from home.  :(

The best I have come up with so far is really quite
inventive... It works, but it's really not great...

I've set up an hourly cron job script on each of my
servers in different schools to wget
hhtp://school/webspace/certainpage and then run that
program - emailing me the result.

Like I say, _not_ ideal. It sends a script on the
hour, the server executes it, then returns the result.
Baa! I hate it - but it was home grown so I'm almost

Other ideas and suggestions eagerly awaited.

Matt Johnson

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