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Re: [K12OSN] webmin


Thanks. Interesting stuff.  I'll look into the
technical and moral (?) issues. I just see it as using
an open port for network administration. Is that
breaking the rules? If the port is open, then it's to
be used? And surely ssh is to be used for remote
access! I am a teacher in the county, so it would be
official business - not some pupil trying to gain

I wouldn't want to be accused of doing anything dodgy!

Matt Johnson

 --- Jim Wildman <jim rossberry com> wrote: > Time to
get really creative then..  This means
> breaking the rules...
> Have the machine in question open an outbound ssh
> tunnel to a machine you
> control on the outside.  You obviously have to run
> the listening daemon
> on a port that you can get at from inside.  Then use
> the magic of
> iptables, ssh and port forwarding to tunnel back
> through the firewall
> to your server.  The opening of the worm hole can be
> controlled by cron
> or in response to an inbound email from you.  If you
> are the only one
> with an account on the outside box, and only allow
> connections to the
> outer end of the worm hole from 'localhost', then
> you are still pretty
> secure.
> Get that? :-)
> I had a working script at one point.  Start with
> Google and I'll check
> some boxes at work tomorrow.
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