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Re: [K12OSN] I got hacked.........

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Michael Cortes wrote:

> > If a post seeks technical advice or support, it really, really
> > needs to be elsewhere.  And it is perfectly reasonable to
> > respond to such a post with a one liner saying --
> >    "This is Off Topic -- see: http://www.whatever.com/link.html "
> > _if_ you are _sure_ that is the best link you know.  If you 
> > are unsure -- stay silent.

> I, being the individual who begun this thread, offer my sincere apologies.  
> Perhaps I have misunderstood what this list is. I believe I was
> transferred to this list from the old Riverdale K12 Linux list.
> If I have mistaken sought technical support on the wrong list, please
> confirm this and I shall seek it elswhere.

No worry, but the S/N ratio has to improve.  I certainly think
there are better places ... redhat-list gobbles this up within
the @redhat.com mailing list hierarchy.

Your local LUG has a guru who can do the most good for you -- 
but it is too late to find that resource once you are 
compromised.  Dave Dittrich is a national class expert and 
has a superb linkfarm:
-- Russ Herrold

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