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Administrivia Was: [K12OSN] I got hacked.........

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Michael Cortes wrote:

>I, being the individual who begun this thread, offer my sincere apologies.  
>Perhaps I have misunderstood what this list is. I believe I was
>transferred to this list from the old Riverdale K12 Linux list.
>If I have mistaken sought technical support on the wrong list, please
>confirm this and I shall seek it elswhere.

I, being one of the "founding fathers" of the old Riveradle K12 Linux
list, think it is *preferable* to have both basic and in-depth technical
topics on the same list, especially *this* list.

I welcome this for three key reasons:

1) Everyone should feel perfectly comfortable to ask any question.
2) It is educational, to both the inexperienced and the gurus.
3) The technical and the "human" aspects are tightly interwined.

First, from my experience teachers tend to be gun-shy in public forums. I've
been working within the system now for 3 years, and as a volunteer for 
several years before that. I don't get it, but I see it every day. Getting
too picky about what people ask here, from my perspective, would be more
damaging than the occasional topic-drift.

Second, the "uber geeks" here learn an amazing amount from the questions
that some find as "dumb" or "obvious". Likewise, I hope it is of value to
those less-geeky to actually see the entire process of building a system
like K12LTSP. Look through the archives, it's all there: all the way from
the simpliest beginner question to the most arcane detail that only a few
people on the planet care would care to understand.

Third, as implied in previous paragraph, the "dumb" and "obvious" beginner
questions drive the development process. It's fun and all to build impressive
software, but it's even better to build impressive software that people
can use. I *guarentee* you that if I was left to my own to work on this
stuff, it would not look anything like it does today. 

That said, I think the "I got hacked" thread is perfectly on-topic.


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