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Re: [K12OSN] I got hacked.........

	you are rigth, and yet you are wrong at the same time. this list
needs questions both simple and technically involved, because people using
k12os have a wide gamut of problems. discussion of security issues is
actually very important and on topic - the distribution, the actual
combination of software and default configurations has huge impact on the
resulting (in)security. julius

p.s remember the adage about "glass houses"?

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, R P Herrold wrote:

> On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Max Pakhutkin wrote:
> > 2) if you want to be secure most of the time you have to be really
> > paranoid about it. Not just 'hmm, let's see what the security journal
> > advices me to do this month?' but actually constantly thinking about it.
> <ot and geeky>
> s/advices/advises/ -- and daily is more like it  (/me peeks
> out from under my tin foil hat.)
> </ot>
> You are right, of course ... but that is really, really not
> the point.  Reading that post and indeed this thread, either
> live or in the archive, is a nice clear communication that
> Open Source is too scary and too resource intensive for mere
> mortals (you know, the ones with lives, like teachers,
> parents, and Scoutmasters) to consider -- when actually the
> issue lies outside of just Open Source.
> ---------------------
> Guys and gals, the lack of trimming (two sets of list footers
> in the particular post I respond to), and the 'far afield'
> nature of discussing the intricacies of exploited host
> response are disheartening.  Security Focus covers this field
> authoritatively -- point the questioner at it, and move on.
> If there is content relating to K-12 Open Source Now -- and
> its promotion, success and failure stories, and so forth -- it
> is within the scope of this list.
> If a post seeks technical advice or support, it really, really
> needs to be elsewhere.  And it is perfectly reasonable to
> respond to such a post with a one liner saying --
>    "This is Off Topic -- see: http://www.whatever.com/link.html "
> _if_ you are _sure_ that is the best link you know.  If you
> are unsure -- stay silent.
> Spelling, punctuation, and composition count too -- our target
> audience includes the very people who have to train the next
> generation.  Imagine how disheartening it is to have to read
> errors all day at work, and then come home and see that the
> product of the education infrastructure is unable to express
> concepts well.
> This is in self-defense for the list -- it has degenerated,
> and become been too geeky, and too technical.  It is going to
> scare off the non-technical folks.
> Please, please review and consider simple 'Netiquette'
>     http://www.templetons.com/brad/emily.html
> before posting.
> -- Russ Herrold

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