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Re: Administrivia Was: [K12OSN] I got hacked.........

> That said, I think the "I got hacked" thread is perfectly on-topic.

I think it is especially on topic due to the number of K12 schools whose 
servers are compromised and used to launch attacks or for other things (mail 
relay or to a lesser extent, penetration by a student).

Usually this is due to either an inexperienced admin (not knowing how to 
setup), not keeping up to date (on patches, advisories or best methods for 
operating) or not having time to maintain a system well.

I think one of the prime platforms for open source might be for its security 
setup and with how distros are progressing, ease of configuration.  I think 
there is actually a market for people (especially schools), who want plug 'n go 
devices, which could easily be GPL or BSD based.  

Imagine a K12-specific config type, within K12Linux.  Perhaps something 
like "Mail Server" or "Web Server" or "Samba Server", which would install 
exim/imap/horde+imp for mail and Apache/PHP/MySQL/Perl for a web server.  And 
then tutorial and easy config menus.  I know for a fact one of the primary 
things holding Linux back is that so many NT admins view it as being too 
mysterious and hard.  

While K12LTSP does do much, if not all of this, I think doing one specific 
thing is better than having one catchall (I think that was K&R's philosophy on 
developing UNIX tools) and thus having a specific install for each type might 
be beneficial.  

Plus I do not personally believe in having one box that does everything as it 
is one point of failure, either physical or software and also requires all your 
eggs in one basket of equipment.

Anyways, I'm rambling :)  I'm also not volunteering... :)

- James

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