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Re: Administrivia Was: [K12OSN] I got hacked.........

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Eric Harrison wrote:

> I, being one of the "founding fathers" of the old Riveradle K12 Linux
> list, think it is *preferable* to have both basic and in-depth technical
> topics on the same list, especially *this* list.
> I welcome this for three key reasons:
> 1) Everyone should feel perfectly comfortable to ask any question.
> 2) It is educational, to both the inexperienced and the gurus.
> 3) The technical and the "human" aspects are tightly interwined.

If I may, who is the moderator of this list?  I had used the old Riverdale
k12 list extensively in previous years, for much tech support, not only
for the k12ltsp.  As this list migrated over to redhat, I suppose my
question is, "Are you the official word on what we can post?"  I hate to
go find myself another list. 

Michael Cortes
Fort LeBoeuf School District
34 East 9th Street
PO Box 810
Waterford PA 16441-0810

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