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[K12OSN] Re: Administrivia


I am in a country with some of the most expensive bandwidth in the 
world, but let's face it, how big is a text e-mail...? Tiny!  

Surely if a thread is off topic, it is the moderator's job to decide so. 
If he does not decided as such then, as far as I am concerned, no 
one should have the right to shut a poster down for off topic 
posting. Of course, if a subscriber feels a thread is not relevant, 
and it seems as if the moderator has missed this, a private e-mail 
to the moderator about this would not be out of place.   

Use mail filtering rules, and just delete all the mails in a thread you 
are tired of, rather than shutting down a thread that may be 
interesting to many others (possibly less guru-ish than yourself).  

Security is always relevant.  


Warwick Chapman
Network Administrator
Glenwood High School, Durban, South Africa
+27 031 2055241
+27 083 7797094

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