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Re: Administrivia Was: [K12OSN] I got hacked.........

It is bigger and far more relevant than [most] people may realize! ...at least in the US.

The CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) is in force, and, although the main attribute that this concerns is eliminating the ability to view offensive/inappropriate content/etc., having a machine compromised can subvert all the good intentions, and put your school, at the least, subject to losing access to e-rate funding, or at most, major legal liabilities.

Is it appropriate for this list? IMHO, It is probably the [one of the] most appropriate topic[s] ever discussed here!

Kirk Rheinlander

Additional CIPA info.

6. E-Rate & CIPA Compliance

The SLD has updated its web site with new information related to CIPA
(Children's Internet Protection Act) compliance. While SLD has not
vigorously enforced the collection of Form 486, it now indicates that it
will strictly enforce the Oct 28, 2001 deadline by which E-Rate recipients
must file, because the form includes CIPA compliance certification. SLD has
posted a set of Frequently Asked Questions relating to CIPA implementation
as it affects the application process for E-Rate discounts at:


Further information on CIPA can be found on the CDE web site at:


12. New: Diagram of the E-Rate Process

. The E-rate Central web site is now providing a diagram of the E-rate
process, including the steps in the application process & the corresponding forms in each step. See:


AND, from the SANS Institute, the 20 most prevalent security problems....

At 08:09 PM 4/9/2002, James wrote:
> That said, I think the "I got hacked" thread is perfectly on-topic.

I think it is especially on topic due to the number of K12 schools whose
servers are compromised and used to launch attacks or for other things (mail
relay or to a lesser extent, penetration by a student).

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