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Re: [K12OSN] I got hacked.........

From NTBUGTRAQ, about a year ago.......does not include the approximately "1 major MS product security hole per day" data that IDC and others have been quoting....

How Many Vulnerabilities Per Operating System?

You may all be aware that much used commercial software can be like
Swiss cheese when you look at security vulnerabilities. Some OS-es
are worse than others, but what are the numbers, and which one
is best? Perhaps you have heard of NTBUGTRAQ. They have a database
that tracks holes and this gives a good indication. Here goes, and
you'll be surprised.

- Commercial Unix : 271 (AIX, IRIX, Solaris, HP-UX and BSD/OS)
- Linux : 147 (aggregate)
- Windows NT/2000 : 146 (This is NT and IE together)
- Windows 3.1/9x : 61
- FreeBSD, OpenBSD: 42
- MAC OS : 6
- Novell Netware : 5

However, the big deal with OpenSource is that you can find and apply patches to the source, or even fix it yourself, and a huge community is working to fix these things as soon as they are identified.

Micro$oft places you at the mercy of
1)is it important to M$? and
2) when M$ gets around to fixing it
3) we own the code, we do it our way, and if you don't like it, use something else.
4) it's not a problem, it's a feature....

At 06:43 AM 4/10/2002, Nicholas Couchman wrote:
Open Source is too scary?! And what would you suggest? Microsoft?! Open
Source may not be perfect, but I would rather teach "mere mortals" how to use
it and protect themselves as much as possible than to let their brains rot on a
Windoze box or even, God forbid, a Macintosh! Further, I would be more
inclined to put something Open Source on an unsecured internet connection than
I would a Windoze box.


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