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[K12OSN] SkipJack beta 2 based beta...

I've build a new beta version of K12lTSP based on the second beta of Red Hat
7.3. The big news here is that it has the KDE 3.0 final release. KDE 3.0 is
pretty nice, it may even break me from using GNOME.

Needless to say, this is for *TESTING* *ONLY*. There are huge, nasty bugs
so big that it'll eat your drive in one gulp and belch loudly. This is for
development and testing only. As the installer notes, "if it breaks you get
to keep all 1445 pieces".

Two of the three big bugs from build #1 remain:

  1) You MUST run the following command immediately after installation:


     How /etc/hosts is created is different, the command above will clean up
     the mess. I'll fix it shortly

  2) The new "check install media" option does not work. I just glanced at 
     this one, I think they're embeding the MD5SUM of the disc into the
     volume label of the CDR. Should be pretty easy to figure out once I have
     the time to sit down and muck with it a bit.

Just for kicks, there may be a new bug or two thrown in for good measure:

   3) The locale settings seem to cause problems with some programs, Open
      Office in particular. I'll file a bug report after I verify it is
      actually a bug. In the meantime, I just edited "/etc/sysconfig/i18n"
      and set the default language to en_US...    LANG="en_US"
      After that Open Office would run.

   4) Paul Nelson reports that beta #1 ate his XFS for lunch.

   5) The KDE 3.0 splash screen crashes constantly.

Good luck. If you're foolish enough to actualy try running this thing, please
send me an email ---- DO NOT SEND A BUG REPORT TO REDHAT! ---- this thing is
my mess!   <if you do find a bug that should be reported to Red Hat, please
verify the bug with the Skipjack BETA discs issued by Red Hat before
submitting the bug report>

You'll find the ISOs at:


-Eric <eharrison mesd k12 or us>

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