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Re: [K12OSN] Squid Proxy server specs

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, David Trask wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm having a blast learning more about Squid and DansGuardian (I use the
>Squid and SquidGuard packages with the K12LTSP disc).  Two things....I'm
>about to buy a server to use for my proxy server / internet filter running
>RH 7.2, Squid, and DansGuardian.  I have about 175-200 users max (in other
>words we have over 175 machines)....with probably a peak of 75 concurrent
>users (and that will be very rare).  What do folks recommend for
>processor...RAM...Hard drive size and speed and so forth for this server. 

We have about 20,000 desktops on our network. We have five load-balanced
servers, each is a low-end PIII 550, 512M ram, 20G IDE hard drive. We run
at full speed with three, but keep five in the pool for peak-load/fail-over
purposes. We've never tried running on less than three.

As a reference point, I've been doing some testing with my laptop (1.2Ghz,
512M) configured as a proxy/filter and with some tuning it can handle enough
traffic to saturate a DS3 (45Mb/s). 

> Second...are any folks out there using SquidGuard or DansGuardian....I'm
>interested to find out how you manage your blacklists and whether or not
>you feel your solution blocks too much or too little.  I lean to
>DansGuardian just a bit due to the expression filtering which in my K-8
>setting catches some of the sites that are not listed in SquidGuard....and
>DansGuardian also uses the SquidGuard blacklists.  What are your
>opinions...help me make some decisions.  Thanks!

I'm really interested in what everyone is using as well, and *why* they
are using it. I'm particularly interested in risk thresholds, do you
consider it a higher risk letting the occasional "bad" site through or
accidently blocking the occasional "good" site? What age group are you
trying to filter for? etc, etc.

We just completed our first full year using squidGuard. I plan on doing some
serious number crunching this summer to measure how well it has worked (my 
users are *very* happy, but it helps to have solid, defendable numbers). At
the same time, I've also started working with the latest Dan's Guardian beta
to see if I can tune it to an acceptable level for our use (the current stable
release of Dan's Guardian is too inflexible to meet our needs - it blocks too
many "good" sites for our tastes).

I hope that all of this insanely boring and tedious work will pay off in 
designing a system that works better and is acceptable to a wider-range of
needs. But I am only familiar with what my user's needs are, so it would be
helpful to hear what other people are doing & what they like/dislike about it.

My current stuff is at http://squidguard.mesd.k12.or.us 
Sometime this summer I plan on doing a full "whitepaper" discussing all that
I've learned over the last year.


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